Introducing: Sadie

This is Sadie. She is a 1-year-old miniature poodle rescued by her owner about 4 months ago. She is going to be starting a 4-week board and train program with me next week. Sadie is incredibly sweet-natured, but she is struggling with nervousness, anxiety, and a lack of confidence and structure to help her cope with everyday life out in the world. She’s coming to me so that she can learn how to handle life confidently and calmly. Her owner is also going to be learning how to work with her and become a great leader for her. Stay tuned: Sadie arrives next week, and updates will be posted regularly, including videos and pictures as often as possible. 🙂

Have a great day and a great weekend, and remember to stay calm and lead on.

6 Comments on “Introducing: Sadie

    • She really is pretty – wait until I get a picture of her eyes. They’re a stunning, deep chocolate brown… Gorgeous… ♥

  1. Sadie sounds very like Amber was back in 2018. Although it’s hard to imagine a dog being as unsocialized and anxious as Amber! You worked miracles with her and she has never looked back. I wish you every success with Sadie too – for her sake and that of her owners.

    • Well hi there, my sister-friend! ♥ In some ways, Sadie does remind me of Amber, yes. She’s actually a real lovey-dove – loves meeting new people – her owner has helped her a lot with that – but she’s not keen on men, especially, men with any kind of hat or other head covering. She’s a bit reactive to that… and to barking dogs, people walking past… She doesn’t know how to cope with the everyday sights, sounds, and smells of outdoor life; she gets quite overwhelmed by it and she either ends up whining and trying to find a safe space to hide, or she barks incessantly – to the point where her owner’s neighbors have started to complain. I have my work cut out for me with her, but her owner has already been doing some work with her to help her adjust. 🙂

      • Sadie will be in good hands with you. I recall being speechless when you taught Amber to ‘go to place’ and several other things – Tom was gobsmacked!!! I wish you could see her now – she is the most loving, cuddly, gentle, and super-intelligent girl – she loves her family with every fiber of her being, but the rest of the world can keep its distance. She will always have certain anxieties – it’s very much a Wheaten trait, and almost every Wheaten owner I have come to know in the groups I’m in has the same story as mine. Except…their dogs got a better start in life than Amber as we will never know (or want to know!) what caused her to be the quivering wreck that came to us on that fateful Friday. Without your help I honestly do not know how we would ever have coped or known what to do – I will be repeating those words for the rest of my life!
        Amber sends you her love (and licks!) and Fonzie, as you might guess, sends you his too!
        Take care always.

      • Awwww shucks…. ::blush:: ♥


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