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Get committed

Your dog is a stinker – jumping at people, nipping [sometimes, really hard], not sharing toys, attacking the rake or lawn mower, going crazy over the vacuum or broom, pulling, barking, and lunging at people and other dogs… It’s frustrating and embarrassing, so you… Continue Reading “Get committed”

Chanty: Session 2

Chanty was much less reactive towards me when I arrived for his second session. He did lunge and bark at me when I was moving into position for the pass-by exercises, but after

Chanty: Session 1

Overall, today’s first session with Chanty went very well. He was tense and had his tail tucked between his legs, and he persisted in trying to hide behind, jump up at, and push into Becky’s legs and body. When he was denied those options,… Continue Reading “Chanty: Session 1”