About Your Dog Trainer

Hi! I’m Holly, and the dog in the photo is my dog, Glimmer. Since 2015, she and I have been helping dogs and their humans in Calgary and surrounding areas become calmer, happier, more stable, more confident, and more peaceful. It’s been quite the journey for us, so far… and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. ♥

A Little History

Since the age of four, when my family got our first bird, I have had a deep and abiding love for animals. We always had birds, dogs, or cats in our house, and I worked with and trained all of them. This deep love and passion followed me into adulthood, where life continually put me in the path of other people who needed help with their pets. In 2015, I finally realized that helping people and their animals was my life mission, and I became a professional dog trainer. Since then, I’ve had the great honor and privilege of helping many dogs and their owners become happier, calmer, and more stable.

How I Train and Teach

I use a balanced approach with every dog. I use rewards and consequences to help the dog learn which behaviors are wanted, accepted, and encouraged, and which are not. Because every dog is different, I use whatever most motivates them to reward and help reinforce the right behaviors, and a calm but firm “no” or “ah-ah” – along with a calm, quick pop of the leash – when they make a mistake. I have found this approach to be the best, most loving, most effective way of helping the dog learn rules, boundaries, and limitations, help them learn to trust, help them build confidence, and help them become calmer, happier, more stable, and more relaxed. In the process, the owners become strong, confident leaders their dogs learn to look to for direction and guidance.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and your dog. You have the ability to be a strong, confident, calm leader for your dog, and I thank you for choosing me to be a part of your and your dog’s profound and life-changing transformation.