About Me

I have worked with a variety of animals for most of my life. In 2015, I decided to take those skills and put them to use helping other people with their dogs. I use repetition and positive reinforcement techniques to help you and your dog learn how to work with each other.  Reward and praise are important components to setting your dog up for success; food treats, pets, and verbal praise work wonders when teaching your dog to practice the behaviors you want.

Most unwanted behaviors develop at home, so I come to you. I believe that learning is easier for you and your dog when you’re in your own environment. This creates much less stress for you and your dog – especially if your dog has never had any kind of training. It also helps me identify and then help you work to resolve existing and potential problem behaviors.

I believe that the training process is as much a personal journey for you as it is a learning journey for your dog. Our dogs mirror the energy we’re giving them, and in the process, they reveal things to us about ourselves that we may not have been aware of – and sometimes, even things we don’t like to have to see. As we continue to move forward and to become more attuned to our dogs, we start to recognize what our actual truth really is. This can be intimidating – which is why I will be available to you to the very best of my abilities, outside of our sessions. I believe that part of being a good trainer involves being a good friend, too.

You and your dog are embarking on a wonderful, interesting journey together. Enjoy it! And above all, remember to stay calm and lead on…

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