This beautiful Wheaton Terrier came to me in March of 2019, when she was just 7 months old. Her owners had gotten her from a “breeder” who lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Amber was almost totally unsocialized to humans, animals other than her siblings, and the outdoors. She was terrified of virtually everything that existed outside of her kennel; she had no experience at all with things like grass, stairs, toys, play with humans – nothing. When she ate, she gobbled her food at lightning speed; she also had resource guarding issues over food. Amber was only with me for eight days, but her journey during that short time was absolutely incredible.

This is Amber’s full story. ** Note: Links open new tabs/windows.

[1] Introduction [2] Day 1 [3] Day 2 [4] Day 3 [5] Day 4 [6] Day 5, Pt. 1 [7] Day 5, Pt. 2
[8] Day 6 [9] Day 7 [10] Day 8 [11] Going Home


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