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Are you at your wit’s end?

It’s been a hard year so far. Oh, I know: “hard” is an understatement. The world got flipped upside down and inside out, and people have been struggling with the fallout ever since. Which is why I’m writing this post.

Chanty: Session 3

Chanty is making good progress with his foster, Becky, and her pack. He has been learning how to play with the other dogs in the home, and he is becoming less reactive to strangers when he’s on a walk. He does still bark and… Continue Reading “Chanty: Session 3”

Get committed

Your dog is a stinker – jumping at people, nipping [sometimes, really hard], not sharing toys, attacking the rake or lawn mower, going crazy over the vacuum or broom, pulling, barking, and lunging at people and other dogs… It’s frustrating and embarrassing, so you… Continue Reading “Get committed”