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Keep It Simple

New information is coming out all the time about how dogs communicate, interact, and generally exist with each other and with us. Adapting to that

Basic Obedience: Why It Matters

I teach Beginners [also known as Basic] Obedience, a course that teaches obedience foundations upon which all other types of training will rely. When people call to inquire about specialized training, I ask them if their dog has had any basic obedience training first;… Continue Reading “Basic Obedience: Why It Matters”

Puppy Biting

I’ve been getting a lot of desperate calls from owners with puppies who are relentlessly nipping and biting. They tell me they’ve tried everything – redirection with a toy [they say it doesn’t work, or it only works sometimes], stopping play by yelping and… Continue Reading “Puppy Biting”