Introducing: Cricket

Say hello to Cricket, a 13-months-old Blue Heeler/Border Collie with high energy, a bit of an attitude, and a love for learning new things. Cricket has a few issues going on that her owners have been struggling with, so I’m going to be spending the next 6 weeks helping all of them learn how to communicate effectively with each other, and build a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Cricket has been nipping at ankles, hands, clothing, and even sensitive areas, and she jumps on people and nips at them in excitement when they come into and try to leave the home. Being a herding breed, Cricket is highly sensitive to movement; just standing up from a sitting position immediately triggers her instincts to herd. This can be physically uncomfortable for the human, as she nips at and harries them – just like she would if she was herding livestock.

Cricket’s owners have provided her with a herding ball, but though she does enjoy it, she gets bored with it very quickly. I have suggested that they invest in three or four more herding balls of different sizes, so that she can feel like she’s actually herding them when she’s pushing them around. I have also suggested that her humans provide her with more mental stimulation by playing various brain games with her. Cricket is a very high-energy, highly intelligent dog; she needs to be challenged through learning to help her drain out her excess mental energy.

Finally, Cricket is a puller on walks. She is accustomed to controlling every aspect of the walk, and when she can’t go where she wants, when she wants, she bites at the leash in frustration. Her humans have unknowingly been rewarding this behavior, so we’re going to be working on changing that, too.

Overall, Cricket is actually a very sweet, loving dog. She loves learning, she loves getting engaged with her humans in a positive and fun way, her focusing skills are phenomenal when she’s receptive to learning new things. I’m really looking forward to helping her and humans connect with each other and build a strong foundation of trust, respect, and loyalty with each other that will last a lifetime.

2 Comments on “Introducing: Cricket

  1. What an adorably cheeky face!!! I would expect that Criket is bubbling with personality and a love of mischief!

    • I know, right? 😀 She does have a big personality, and she be quite the dramatic diva when she doesn’t get her own way. LOL 😀


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