This beautiful Leonberger girl came to me in February, 2021, when she was 7 months old. She needed help with crate training, learning manners, and some fine-tuning on her basic obedience. Over the course of 3 weeks, Peach learned all of these things – and, she learned to stay calm around food and other animals, she learned how to share space with other animals, she learned to play more gently and respond more appropriately to cues from other animals, and though she struggled greatly with it, she learned to walk much more nicely on the leash.

You can follow Peach’s journey here: ** Note: All links will open new tabs/windows.

[1] Introducing Peach [2] Arrival and First Night [3] Day 1 [4] Day 2 [5] Day 3
[6] Day 4 [7] Day 5 [8] Week 1 End [9] Days 7 and 8 [10] Day 10 [11] Day 11
[12] Day 14 [13] Day 16 [14] Day 20


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