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Christmas Special

  Merry Christmas! I have one boarding spot available for one dog from Dec. 26 to Jan. 2. You provide the food, I do the rest. See below for more:

Boots After Two

Boots the Frenchton is now 11 weeks old and quite the little firecracker. He’s had two

Introducing: Boots

Say hello to Boots, an 8-week-old Frenchton puppy who

Princess: Week 4 End

The past four weeks with Princess have been an adventure. She has challenged us and she has taught us, and she has revealed

Princess: Week 3

Week 3 with Miss Princess will be a busy one for as long as the beautiful weather holds: we’ll be doing

Princess – First Adoption Event: Day 1

Today was Day 1 of a weekend-long adoption event being held by Tails of the Misunderstood, the rescue group for whom I’m fostering and training Princess. This was a big deal for Princess: it was her very first event, and she had to deal…

Princess: Day 16

Princess has been with me for two weeks, now.  I have been doing umbilical work with her every day this week to

Princess: Day 12

This past week, Princess has been learning how to work with the leash. She has been leashed

Princess: Day 9

We finally got some sunshine and warmer temperatures yesterday, so I took Princess out so she could play in the snow. She had a blast, running and hopping around, chasing snow balls tossed her way, and

Princess: Day 7

Today marks the 7th day of Princess’s fostering with me. She’s been doing a great job overall, learning the house rules, learning how to

Princess: Day 4

Life has been busy since Princess arrived in our house a few days ago. I apologize for not updating before now. I’ve needed the time to observe her

Introducing: Princess

Meet Princess – a sweet, loving, beautiful, 15-month-old Shepherd/Collie mix. She was surrendered by her owner to Tails of the Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society, and she’s looking