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Please Confirm

When you make an appointment with a trainer to have them come to your home to help you with your dog, you are asking the trainer to spend their time, energy, and fuel. When the trainer reaches out to you the day before –… Continue Reading “Please Confirm”

Introducing: Jerry

Say hello to Jerry. Jerry is about 10 weeks old, he’s a purebred black sable, long-coated Shepherd from Northernbear Registered Kennels, and he’s quite the character. He’s bossy, independent, smart, playful, and his eyes and face are amazingly expressive. He chomps on toes and… Continue Reading “Introducing: Jerry”

The Owner-Trainer Relationship

The owner/trainer relationship is very important. Trainers work to help build the relationship of mutual trust, loyalty, and respect between dogs and their owners, but they also work to create those same foundations between themselves and the owners. The building of this foundation starts… Continue Reading “The Owner-Trainer Relationship”