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Refreshers with Glimmer

Glimmer is doing very well practicing figure-8’s, tight heels, walk-arounds on a down-stay, and off-leash heeling and recall. Here’s a small sample of her progress with the down-stay walk-around:

Basics Practice

Happy Friday – and happy weekend to everyone! The temperature has been

Board and Train Lupin: Going Home

Lupin went home with his people yesterday. He showed them in person how much he’s changed and how much he’s progressed. I hope his people are happy with the results I’ve achieved with him, and I wish them all a long and very happy…

Board and Train Lupin: End of Week 4

Lupin goes home to his people tomorrow.  I want to extend my deep appreciation and sincere thanks to

Board and Train Lupin: End of Week 3

This past week has been about breakthroughs – breakthroughs achieved through perseverance and the courage to trust: 

Board and Train Lupin: Week 3 in Progress

Lupin is making excellent progress in many areas. Two days ago, he ate his first supper in the kitchen with Glimmer and Violet… and he did a phenomenal job of staying calm even when Glimmer snuck behind me to get a kibble he had…

Board and Train Lupin: End of Week 2

Today marks the beginning of Week 3 of Lupin’s stay with me.  Here’s where he’s at after two weeks:

Board and Train Lupin: Meeting New People #1

Yesterday, Lupin met not one but two new people. This video is the short version of the exercise. Enjoy!

Board and Train Lupin: 10 Days In

Last night, we had a major breakthrough with Lupin. Even I was stunned speechless. Here’s what happened.

Board and Train Lupin: The Flirt Pole, #1

This morning, Lupin had his first experience with the flirt pole. He loved it! We didn’t work long because of the heat, but during the session, he did a phenomenal job of working to control his impulses, learning the “out” command, and making the…

Board and Train Lupin: End of Week 1

We have begun the second week of Lupin’s stay with me. At the end of Week 1, here’s how he’s doing:

Board and Train: Lupin, Day 4

Happy Friday! Sunday marks the end of Lupin’s first full week with us – and what an interesting week it’s been!