This beautiful Thai Ridgeback boy came to me in June of 2018. He was highly territorial, fear-aggressive, food-aggressive, reactive to strangers – especially men – and other dogs, extremely mistrustful, and he had to be muzzled because he had a history of hard nipping other people. Over a period of four weeks, Lupin learned how to be calm around food, he learned to share attention and wait his turn, he learned how to walk more calmly on a leash, and he learned how to stay calm when sharing space. He also learned to trust his handlers and seek guidance and direction more often. He went home calmer, happier, more stable – and, he was finally able to make peace with the family’s cat, whom he had previously tended to chase and harass.

Follow Lupin’s journey here: ** Note: All links will open new tabs/windows.

[1] Introducing Lupin [2] Lupin Meets the World [3] Lupin Makes Friends [4] Day 1
[5] Day 2 [6] Day 3 [7] Day 4 [8] Week 1: End [9] Flirt Pole [10] 10 Days In
[11] Meeting New People [12] Week 2: End [13] Week 3 in Progress [14] Week 3: End
[15] Week 4: End [16] Going Home


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