So, You Want A Puppy…

Puppies are wonderful, aren’t they? So cute, so loving, and those puppy kisses… Puppy kisses are just the best… But, before you decide to get one of your own, you need to look at some realities.

Puppies require 24/7 care. Are you prepared to spend most of every day teaching them and playing with them? Are you prepared to be spending most of every day learning when they need to potty and getting them outside so they can do that? What about when you can’t be at home? Are you able to provide care for them while you’re away?

Puppies chew at anything and everything they can get their mouths on. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared to hide your power cords, protect your carpets, find new, safe places to store your indoor garbage cans so the puppy can’t get access to them? Are you prepared for the expenses involved if your puppy does manage to destroy your TV remote, or your furniture, or your glasses, or your carpets?

Puppies can’t be left alone all day. They don’t have full control of their bodily functions, and kenneling them all day is not an option. They need access to food and water, and they need to relieve themselves. If your puppy manages to escape her kennel, how do you know you won’t come home to a sick, injured, or possibly dead puppy? They could have eaten something poisonous because it smelled interesting to them. They could have pulled something down on top of them because they pulled at a power cord. Will you be able to live with yourself if that happens?

Be realistic, people. If you can’t meet the needs all puppies require, then please change your mind. Don’t get a puppy.


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