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Introducing: Jerry

Say hello to Jerry. Jerry is about 10 weeks old, he’s a purebred black sable, long-coated Shepherd from Northernbear Registered Kennels, and he’s quite the character. He’s bossy, independent, smart, playful, and his eyes and face are amazingly expressive. He chomps on toes and… Continue Reading “Introducing: Jerry”

Peach: Day 20

What a roller coaster these past 20 days have been with this girl. This dog has affected my life in so many different ways, I can’t even begin to list them. She has

Peach: Day 16

When she arrived 16 days ago, Peach was hyper-excited around food, and she tried to take food away from Glimmer. Sharing was not in her repertoire. But, while she is still on leash for the exercise,