Glimmers of Spring

During this long, brutally cold winter we’ve had, getting out for exercise and for training has not been an option. Although we’ve had a variety of ways to keep the brain engaged, our only recourse for physical exercise has been the treadmill. We’re feeling pretty grateful for that machine, that’s for sure.

But glimmers of spring are finally appearing, and with the streets finally clear of snow and ice and the temperatures much more pleasant, we were able to get out for a good refresher training lesson. Yesterday, we practiced loose-leash walking, distance sit-stay, and distance down-stay. Glimmer did a decent job, although she did show me that basics refreshers are definitely needed: She broke position several times, she kept crossing in front of me to get to the treat pouch, and she wasn’t checking in with me like she normally does. But, overall, she did okay.


In light of her behavior, now that the weather is warming up, Glimmer is going to be going through a total basics refresher course. We’ll be starting that today. Also on the agenda for today is introducing a high-energy pup to the treadmill, as well as working him on his basics. His person does try to work him as much as possible, but his tendency to nip and jump at her when he doesn’t get his own way or he doesn’t want to work for the reward creates frustration fairly quickly. Once frustration sets in, there’s no point in continuing. He knows it, so he misbehaves to make the work stop. He really doesn’t like having to work for rewards.

Have a great day, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.


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