Consultations:  Consultations are typically done prior to the start of any program to help identify any problem areas and customize a training plan that fits your dog’s specific needs.

Obedience Basics Course:  All the behaviors your dog needs to learn to become polite and well-behaved is offered in this course.

Individual lessons are available if your dog is having problems or exhibiting unwanted behaviors. After an initial consultation with you to assess your dog’s behavior and specific training needs, a day and time that will work for you can be arranged.

CGN Prep Course: The Canine Good Neighbour Program is a 12-step test which shows the handler is a responsible dog owner and the dog can be counted on to show good manners in all situations. This course helps you and your dog prepare for the test, which is conducted by a CKC-certified evaluator, and is designed for dogs that have already completed a puppy or beginner obedience program. The course focuses on distractions,  duration, and distance, and includes sit for greeting/grooming, heeling past another dog handler team, out of site stays, calming down after play, and much more.

Please note: Enrolling more than one dog at a time [max. 2 dogs] is $15 extra per dog.

Rehabilitation Therapy: Aggressive, insecure, and fearful dogs require different methods and strategies and more time and work than general obedience lessons offer. Depending on the type of rehabilitation required, up to three two-hour sessions per week may be recommended in order to ensure the best, most effective help to your dog.

Please note: If your dog has been determined by the city and/or the court to be “vicious” and/or dangerous, a 2-point lead and a properly fitted cage/basket muzzle must be used during all sessions inside and outside of the home.

Assessments:  Assessments are provided for rescue organizations, rescue dogs in foster care, and adopters of rescue dogs. Assessments are designed to identify any behavioral issues and/or specific adoption needs, to determine whether or not a dog is adoptable in their current state, and to help transition rescues and adopters as smoothly as possible. Each assessment takes approximately one hour to complete, and written reports are provided to the rescue organization for inclusion in the dog’s file.

Please be sure to provide me with the appropriate paperwork prior to the assessment. Thanks!

Note: Rescue organizations, fosters, and rescue adopters receive a 20% discount on individual lessons and the Obedience Basics course. To activate the discount, please provide the paperwork from your rescue organization prior to our first meeting.

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