** Board-and-train spaces are limited. Call 587–582–BARC (2272) to reserve your spot **


Is your dog rushing the door and jumping on people coming into your home?  Is she taking food off the table or out of the kids’ hands? Is he destroying the TV remote, the phones, or the furniture? Is she anxious in the kennel? Are you feeling frustrated and stressed out because of these things, but you don’t know how to change them? Let’s get together and talk about how to start building a happier life with your dog.

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Individual lessons are great for dogs who have already completed a basic obedience course and need refreshers on specific lessons, and for dogs who are not enrolled in any basic obedience course but need help with specific behavior problems.

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Would you like your dog to be well-mannered and trustworthy around people, other dogs, cats, and even food on the table?  Starting with basic obedience will help you achieve that. You’ll also have ongoing phone and email support for the duration of the program – and, you also receive 2 free follow-up visits* and unlimited phone and email support for six months after you’ve completed the program.

*follow-up visits must be used within 6 months of completing the program.

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I also offer long-term (max. 6 weeks) and short-term (max. 2 weeks) board-and-train programs. These programs are tailored to work on resolving problems such as unsuccessful potty training and house-breaking, learning how to get along nicely with other animals, and more.

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