For more information on these programs, call me at 587-582-2272

I come to your home and we discuss what problem behaviors your dog is exhibiting and what program might best help him or her return to a more balanced state.


$3000 [6 weeks]

This program is for dogs in need of long-term behavior modification for issues such as fear, reactivity, nervousness, and anxiety, and more.  Some of the benefits of this program are:

— one-on-one training
— learning basic commands [sit, down, stay, focus, etc.]
— controlled, safe desensitization exposure to triggers

Included Bonuses

While your dog is in the program, regular reports of his or her progress will be posted on the blog or at my Facebook page.  You also receive free support via email or phone for 6 months after your dog returns home if you have questions or concerns.


$75 per lesson

This is for dogs who have already completed a basic obedience course and need refresher lessons, and dogs who are not enrolled in the Board and Train program or any basic obedience course but need help with specific behavior problems.