True Reflections

It’s been said that dogs are among the most honest creatures on the planet. Not only do they read our energy, they show us our true state of being through their own behavior. An example of this is when your dog seems to act out “for no reason”.  I’ll bet that if you take a


   Meet Oliver.  Oliver is a Basset/Australian Shepherd/Dachsund mix.  His dam is full Basset; his sire is the Shepherd/Dachsund mix. As of this posting (Feb. 9, 2016), he is 15 weeks old. Oliver was purchased for the purpose of raising and training him to be a support dog for my sister.  He failed the temperament

Work it Out

Is Fido bored?  Does he pull a lot and sniff at everything and want to chase everything when you’re out on a walk?  Try making him work! When you give your dog a job to do – such as carrying a back pack filled with a few light objects – Fido has to focus his