Last night’s training session with Lacey and her forever-family took place at our local Pisces Pet Emporium store.  Lacey got her first harness last week, and her “heel” position while walking has improved dramatically.  The isles at the Pisces store are a bit more narrow than those at our local PetSmart, but Lacey still managed

Diamond Canine

Yesterday, Lacey and Glimmer were taken on a 90-minute working walk.  By the time we got home, both dogs were happily exhausted and spent the rest of the day napping.  Last night, Lacey was introduced to an entirely new environment for her training session.  We took her to our local PetSmart.  As it happened, there

Teenage Wasteland

Part of being a good trainer is knowing when a “tried and true” method is not working and needs to be changed or modified.  This is especially true when working with puppies who have been taken from their litter-mates too early and don’t have a working understanding of correct social behavior with other dogs and