Preparing for Lacey

Tonight, Lacey arrives at our home, where her training for life as a working dog will begin.  My dog, Glimmer, will be assisting me with Lacey’s basic obedience training. Not only is Glimmer an incredibly patient dog, she is also a phenomenal teacher, and Lacey will greatly benefit from Glimmer’s mentoring. While we are fostering


   Meet Lacey, an 8-week-old Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix.  Lacey is just 8 weeks old (born just before Christmas 2014), and though she was not our first choice at the first viewing, she showed us at the second viewing that she was the right match for the autistic human child she will be raised and


Unless there are neurological or other medical issues at work, no dog is ever too far gone to help them find and maintain balance. Last night, Oliver proved this.  His training session started out with very strong and physical disagreement with a training collar (a.k.a. “choke collar” – so named because it tightens when tugged