New News

Happy “Hump Day” to everyone!  I am happy to report that the new phone is up and running. It was added to the sidebar on this site, as well as to the new website I’ve been working on, lately. Regarding the family with Buddy, I received word from them that the people who were going

Site Updates and News

Happy Friday!  There are some updates to let you know about, so I’ll get right to it. — I now have a contact number!  It is in the Contact information on the sidebar. — I have created a new YouTube channel specifically for training videos. The YouTube link on the sidebar has been updated accordingly. 

Breaking Boredom

It’s been a week since the assessment visit mentioned in the previous posting.  As of this current posting, the family has not contacted either me or the coordinator at DINO Rescue about Buddy. I have made two attempts, so far, to connect with the family, but as yet, they have not responded.  A third attempt