Peach – Day 10

Miss Peach has diarrhea today. I contacted her people to let them know. I thought maybe she’s just eaten too many of the apples that have fallen from our apple trees, but now I’m not so sure that’s the cause. She’s been going Read More

Peach – Days 7 and 8

Okay… So, Peach is doing better with some things, but the walk, as well as her intense excitement, are still big challenges. She’s still pulling hard and weaving a lot on the walk, and she’s still greeting at the door with far too much excitement. But, she’s also showing Read More

Peach – End Week 1

Day 6: Socialization and leash manners practice at PetSmart, several walks throughout the day. At the pet store, dealing with the distractions of people, other dogs, and all the other stimulants overwhelmed her. She became Read More