Success Stories

Holly is an angel in the animal world. In human terms, an incredible teacher, kind, patient, astounding, and very dedicated

Tanya M. – Calgary, AB

We met Holly when we rescued our dog, Chispa, less than a year ago. She was found starved and had mange;

Rio V. – Calgary, AB

Holly has helped with not 1 but 2 of my furry babies! She has always maintained being calm even when

Stacey E. – Calgary, AB

I first met Holly in December 2018. My almost 8 years old dog Fonzie with me was just weeks away from his two required tests

Anne and Tom R. – Calgary, AB

Holly and her training truly helped us and our dog. I strongly recommend her and her methods. I was unexpectedly called

Devi L. – Calgary, AB

We were at our wits end with our boy. He was leash pulling, counter surfing, just plain stubborn, he had separation anxiety,

Roko’s Family – Calgary, AB

I was at my wits end with my 6 month old male. He was jumping, nipping, grabbing pant legs. My friends and family would come over and

Heather P. – Calgary, AB

Holly is an incredible trainer!! She has helped us on numerous occasions with our rescue pups and the results she gets are fantastic. She also explains things very well for follow up training to be done at home!! Thank you very much Holly!! 💞🐾🐾

Sherry W., ALPL Vice President – Calgary, AB

When we met Holly, I wasn’t sure, but as time went on and we discovered that our fur baby is special needs, Holly has been incredible, supportive, caring, patient, and everything else you could ever want in a trainer and friend!! Odin loves her…

Shaldon and Tammy S. – Calgary, AB Odin after working

Holly is absolutely amazing!!! Holly works so hard and is so dedicated to what she does. Holly volunteers her time to ALPL (Alberta Lost Pets Locator) Rescue Society in helping with our fearful and aggressive dogs. Holly’s dedication and out of the box thinking…

Becky B., ALPL Adoption Coordinator – Calgary, AB

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