Roko’s Family – Calgary, AB

We were at our wits end with our boy. He was leash pulling, counter surfing, just plain stubborn, he had separation anxiety, was impatient and possessive over us. We are so glad we found Holly, she worked wonders on Roko. We now trust him in the kitchen, he doesn’t jump up on us anymore, he learned that it is okay when we are with other people and animals. He still has some way to go, but Holly definitely helped the big issues. He went from going completely insane around other dogs, to listening when we tell him to calm down, and believe me, that was something we never thought would happen. Roger was a big part of Roko’s process as he always took Roko on walks, which seemed to build his confidence. And now Roko looks to us for direction and confirmation. Though Holly tried her best to kennel train him, he simply doesn’t go in his kennel during the day, but that is alright, because now we trust he won’t jump on the counter when we aren’t in the room and he doesn’t steal our shoes anymore. We want to thank Holly for all she has done with Roko. She really worked miracles!