Devi L. – Calgary, AB

Holly and her training truly helped us and our dog. I strongly recommend her and her methods. I was unexpectedly called to travel away for work for an entire month with only 2 weeks notice, and my boyfriend works away from home. We have an extremely fear- territorial- food-aggressive dog, so I was very stressed, as I had no one that I felt would be able to watch our boy for this time. It’s one thing to leave your dog with someone; it’s another when you know your dog has some major issues that the average person would not be able to accommodate. Holly stepped up and offered to watch our boy during my absence. After I explained everything about him, she openly and honestly expressed that she did not have experience with his breed [primitive Thai Ridgeback]. Because of this, it allowed me to trust her, as I knew she would be honest about Lupin’s training and what she could accomplish with him.

I have never met someone so passionate to help an animal and the family. Holly drove from one end of the city to ours on more than one occasion for introductions to our boy, and also to bring her dog Glimmer to meet him. With our tight schedule she fit us in for our meet and greets so that Lupin would not be going to a stranger’s home, but someone he had already gained trust for in the short time he had met her [not common].

During my time away, Holly sent us pupdates almost every day, with videos and stories that made us laugh. I was not stressed one day, and knew we had made the right decision to leave our boy with her. She even had her dog and Lupin eating treats together with no aggression at all!! Not only did she help with training him, she also is still available to support us daily, and any questions we have she is always available, an ongoing support system. She has trained us in how to deal with our boy; although not perfect, he is improving daily with her support. Thank you Holly for all you have done for our family, you are the only one we will trust to watch our boy! 🙂 🙂