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Chanty: Session #5

In our last session, it was observed that having Becky out of his sight made Chanty’s anxiety worse. He could smell her but he couldn’t find her. It was very upsetting for him and he was unable to focus on me. So, for this… Continue Reading “Chanty: Session #5”

Chanty: Session 4

Chanty is now about 8 months of age. He’s making good progress with the other dogs in his foster home. His confidence has been steadily increasing, and he’s learning how to join in as well as initiate play. His progress with humans,

Are you at your wit’s end?

It’s been a hard year so far. Oh, I know: “hard” is an understatement. The world got flipped upside down and inside out, and people have been struggling with the fallout ever since. Which is why I’m writing this post.