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Building Confidence

Happy TGIF Day! It’s been a busy week: I’ve been working hard on helping Glimmer master her basics, as well as doing long-line work, distraction training, and shaping work to help build her confidence and overcome her anxieties. She’s made fantastic progress. She’s getting… Continue Reading “Building Confidence”

Place Lesson 2

Today, I took Max and Glimmer on a nice long walk.  We visited a local store and did some distraction training as well as sit, down, and down-stay training. Max did a phenomenal job, especially with the down-stay work.  When we got home, we… Continue Reading “Place Lesson 2”

Nipping it in the Bud

Good Tuesday to everyone. As mentioned yesterday, here is the video of Max’s lesson with “place”.  You will see that while he tries really hard to stay focused, he needs a lot of work in that area. You will also see not one, but… Continue Reading “Nipping it in the Bud”