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Introducing: Chucho

This is Chucho. According to his paper-work, Chucho is a 1-year-old (possibly a year and a half) male Bull Terrier/Boxer mix. He is one of several dogs rescued from a shelter in Mexico by DINO Rescue.  I was called in by DINO to assess… Continue Reading “Introducing: Chucho”


Lacey was assessed yesterday by a certified trainer with a lot of experience with Service and Support dogs. I called the trainer for help, because my client had called me in a highly emotional state, saying that Lacey had bitten her son. Having spoken… Continue Reading “Assessment”

Pavlovian Conditioning

In the 1890’s, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov was looking at salivation in dogs in response to being fed.  After trying a variety of tools, he ended up using a bell to initiate salivation.  The result was what we call “conditioned learning.” Lacey has not… Continue Reading “Pavlovian Conditioning”