Challenge… Accepted

Happy Saturday!  Today, I am getting ready for an overnight visit from Oliver.  I saw him a couple of months ago, and what I saw left me feeling rather dismayed.  He is wearing a shock collar all the time, and his manners leave a lot to be desired.  There are so many things going on

Working it Up

Happy Thursday!  Last night’s training session with Lacey went very well.  We went to our local PetSmart store, and using a 20-foot training lead, we worked Lacey on her recall skills as well as her sit and sit/stay commands.  As mentioned previously, she’s been getting rather vocal about her lessons and resisting them because she’s

New News

Happy “Hump Day” to everyone!  I am happy to report that the new phone is up and running. It was added to the sidebar on this site, as well as to the new website I’ve been working on, lately. Regarding the family with Buddy, I received word from them that the people who were going