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My dog has been going through a fear phase for awhile, now. Yesterday, I decided to do some trust-building exercises with her, and took her to a local playground full of equipment she’s never worked on before.  This video has been shared on several… Continue Reading “Trust-Building”

Introducing: Chucho

This is Chucho. According to his paper-work, Chucho is a 1-year-old (possibly a year and a half) male Bull Terrier/Boxer mix. He is one of several dogs rescued from a shelter in Mexico by DINO Rescue.  I was called in by DINO to assess… Continue Reading “Introducing: Chucho”

Progress, Regress

Last night’s training session with Lacey was conducted at my home… and it was an eye-opener.  Lacey has made tremendous progress under Tanya’s leadership, and is doing well in many areas. But working her around my animals… Lacey did not do as well as… Continue Reading “Progress, Regress”