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Board and Train: Lupin, Day 2

Yesterday was a day of challenges. It was day where some of the unwanted behaviors I’d been told about

Board and Train: Lupin, Day 1, Morning

Lupin arrived yesterday to begin his 4-week training program. He has presented the issues Devi informed me about, and

Lupin Makes Friends

Yesterday evening, Lupin and his owners came to my home for his second introduction to Violet and to start learning the house rules. The visit turned out to be quite surprising for all of us…

Lupin Meets the World

Lupin has had his second introduction meeting with Glimmer.  Yesterday, he and his owner

Introducing: Lupin

Meet Lupin, a 15-month-old male Blue Thai Ridgeback. This beautiful boy is going to be boarding and training with me for a whole month, beginning this weekend. To learn more about this ancient breed, click this link. Lupin has trouble being calm and relaxed…

Board and Train: Storm, Day 6

Storm has made great progress in the time she’s been with me. She has made improvements all

Board and Train: Storm, Day 5

Since arriving four days ago, Storm has made significant progress in the following areas:

Board and Train: Storm, Day 4

Day 3 was a huge success for Storm. She started some confidence-building exercises, she met new people and stayed calm, and she was introduced to a flirt pole – which she absolutely loved.                 Later in the…

Board and Train: Storm, Day 3

Storm had an excellent Day 2!  Today is Day 3 of Storm’s training, and it’s time to add some new challenges.

Board and Train: Storm, Day 2

Storm had a good first night in the kennel. I spent quite a bit of time working with her

Board and Train: Storm, Day 1

Storm has had a very eventful day. She has left everything familiar to her to spend a week

May 11, 2018 Update

This website has been undergoing some intense reconstruction. All pages have been updated, and