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May 11, 2018 Update

This website has been undergoing some intense reconstruction. All pages have been updated, and

May 2, 2018 Update

I am very pleased to announce that I now offer

Storm: Week 5

Storm has made tremendous progress since the last posting. She is doing very well with entry and exit, she is not

Storm: Weeks 3 and 4

Storm the puppy is now 14 weeks old. Though she is often slow to comply,

Glimmer: Boot Camp Report #4

The weather was great again yesterday. The road was mostly dry, and the sidewalks were drier, too. Glimmer

Apr. 8, 2018 Site Update

Happy Sunday to everyone. The website has been updated with the following changes:

Glimmer: Boot Camp Report #3

Life has been happening, the weather has been too cold for outdoor work, and Glimmer’s lessons have fallen a few days behind schedule as a result. However,

Storm: Week 2

Storm is making excellent progress. She did try to jump on me when I entered the house, but

Glimmer: Boot Camp Report #2

Sometimes, life happens when you’re making plans and trying to meet your goals. For Week 2 of Glimmer’s Boot Camp Basics program,

Introducing: Storm

Meet Storm, a 10-week-old black lab/German shepherd puppy who just started Obedience Basics yesterday.

Glimmer: Boot Camp Report #1

The first week of boot camp had its challenges – not with the exercises, but with a health issue Glimmer

Boot Camp: Week 1

Week One of Glimmer’s boot camp is underway. We began the first session with a stretch-out: