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Making Milo

This is Milo. He’s 2 years old, and he needs help with confidence, recall, and impulse control. He also has some anxiety and nervousness when meeting strangers. Our first lesson addressed leash-pulling. Today, we go deeper and focus on impulse control and recall. Although… Continue Reading “Making Milo”

Say Hello to Lola

This is Lola. Lola is a 4-months-old, fearful, reactive Shi-poodle [shih-tzu/poodle] with little to no confidence and no respect for or trust in her owner. Lola is starting the Beginners Obedience course; her owner is hoping to improve the relationship between them and start… Continue Reading “Say Hello to Lola”

Relocation: Complete

The move from Facebook to the new social platform is now complete. No further postings will be made on Facebook. The Page removal has been extended to