Photogenic Puppy

It’s difficult to get pictures of Lacey. She hears or sees the camera, and she either stops what she was doing, or she moves away from it completely.  😀  But, at around 6am today, I was finally able to get a couple of shots of her with the chewing bone. She’s teething hard right now

First Pack-like Walk

Yesterday, Lacey went on her first pack-like walk with Glimmer.  I say “pack-like”, because it was just with Glimmer instead of with two or three other dogs. We were out for over an hour.  Lacey was resistant about it at first, because she wanted to pull and be ahead. But eventually, she figured out how

Canine Correction

It finally happened.  Lacey pushed Glimmer too far, and Glimmer finally lost patience with her and corrected her.  She didn’t hurt Lacey, but she did make her point. Here’s what happened. Glimmer was playing with a toy. Lacey kept bullying Glimmer by lunging at her face and barking at her in an effort to force