Pavlovian Conditioning

In the 1890’s, Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov was looking at salivation in dogs in response to being fed.  After trying a variety of tools, he ended up using a bell to initiate salivation.  The result was what we call “conditioned learning.” Lacey has not been alerting when she has to go potty.  Standard potty-training methods

Can You Help?

Comments and suggestions needed, please! It seems that Lacey is having trouble integrating into her family.  She is refusing to eat – she only eats a few kibbles and then she wants to play with her human – and she is misbehaving quite a lot.  This past weekend, she got into and ate half a

Preparing for Work

Lacey has been home with her family for two full days, now.  They have been enjoying her and working with her, and things have been going very well for all of them. While she has been with them, I have shopped for – and bought – counter bells with with to teach Lacey to alert