Aggressive, insecure, and fearful dogs require different methods and strategies and more time and work than general obedience lessons offer. Rehabilitation is an intensive process and therefore recommended to be 3 times a week for 2 hours each time.

Cost: $80 per hour
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  • Standard leash (4-foot or 6-foot leash).
  • Food treats (or a high-value toy).
  • Vaccinations and/or titers must be up to date.
  • ** For the safety and protection of your dog and any humans or other animals, please have a properly fitted cage/basket muzzle on hand and ready to use.

** In the event that your dog has been determined by the city and/or the court to be “vicious”, a 2-point lead and a properly fitted cage/basket muzzle must be used during all sessions inside and outside of the home.