Rehabilitation Therapy

Aggressive and/or fearful dogs require different methods and strategies and more time and work than general obedience lessons offer.  In order to modify their behavior, their current state of mind has to be completely reprogrammed and the cause of their instability resolved so that they can become balanced. This takes a lot of time and hard work, and thus, the only completion date is the one where your dog has achieved and can consistently maintain that state of balance for a period of no less than three months. If you commit to your dog and do the homework I give you between our sessions, your dog will progress much more quickly than if you don’t work them. Remember: Your dog’s success is entirely dependent on your commitment to helping them move forward.

Rehabilitation Therapy for aggressive and/or fearful dogs is as follows:

Two hours, three times per week
Cost:  $50 per session, local clients
Cost:  $60 per session, out of town clients


  • Standard leash only (4-foot or 6-foot). Flexi or extendable leashes and prong or shock collars are strictly prohibited.
  • All food treats must be provided by you.
  • Proof of vaccinations is required and all vaccinations must be up to date.
  • In the event that your dog is, in fact, aggressive, for the safety and protection of him/her and humans he/she interacts with, you must have a properly fitting cage/basket muzzle on hand and ready to use.