Hours and Info

Phone:  (587) 582-2272
Email: happydawgs@telus.net
Mon-Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat: 4pm – 8pm
**Sun: By special appointment only.


Local [within city limits]:  $30 per hour.  **Out of town: see below
Specialized training [for Therapy or Service Animal certification]: $45 per hour.

** One hour away: $50.  Two hours away: $75
Maximum travel distance outside the city: 2 hours.


Obedience training:  *Once a week for 1 hour

*If you have an older dog who has never had any training, sessions are twice a week for one hour, for the first two weeks. At the end of that period, depending on your and your dog’s progress, lessons will be decreased to once a week until all the basics have been fulfilled and mastered.

Specialized Training:  Three times a week for one hour until the dog fulfills and masters all of the Therapy or Service Animal certification requirements set out by the Canadian Kennel Club.

NOTE:  Fosters for rescue organizations receive training at a discounted rate of $15 per hour, per dog. Proof of fostership is required during the initial consultation.