Courses and Extras

Basic Obedience    Course Duration:  5 weeks    Cost:  $150
(for dogs with no prior obedience training)

Wait (different from “stay”)
Come (recall)
Walking on leash (standard 4-6-foot leash)

Beginner Obedience     Course Duration: 5 weeks     Cost:  $200

Basic Obedience, plus:
introduction to on-leash distraction training (learning to focus with distractions)
on-leash heel

Intermediate Obedience     Course Duration: 5 weeks     Cost: $300

Basic Obedience, plus:
introduction to distance (10-foot leash) on-leash sit-stay and down-stay with distractions
introduction to distance on-leash recall with distractions
loose-leash walking
introduction to off-leash heel

Advanced Obedience     Course Duration: 5 weeks     Cost: $400

Basic and Intermediate Obedience, plus:
Distance (10-foot leash) off-leash with distractions:
recall, down, down-stay, sit, sit-stay
off-leash walking

Please note:  Only standard (4-6-foot) leashes and distance (10 feet or longer) leashes are accepted.  Prong collars, flexi, and extendable leashes are prohibited. If you do not have a standard 4-foot or 6-foot leash at the start of the course, one will be provided for you for the first lesson. After the first lesson, you must provide your own leashes.


Your dog must be up to date with vaccinations. Written proof of current vaccination is required prior to the start of the course.  If your dog is spayed or neutered, a copy of their spay/neuter veterinary record is also required.

For your dog’s safety and well-being, females in heat are discouraged from being worked in public areas such as dog parks until their cycle is finished. Lessons will be scheduled to accommodate the cycle.

All training tools, including food treats, must be provided by you, the owner.