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Day 22: Lacey Goes Home

It’s been a long three weeks. It’s been challenging and rewarding, frustrating and funny, and more. And today, it all comes to a close. Today, Lacey is

Lacey: Day 20

Lacey has been with me 3 weeks as of tomorrow. During her stay with me, she has been

Lacey: Day 18

Lacey’s barking is slowly but steadily beginning to settle, though she’s still vocalizing at meal times. She is still impatient, and

Lacey: Day 15

“Slow and steady wins the race.”  A life lesson about being patient – and a key component to training or rehabilitating any animal. Where Lacey and her barking is concerned,

Lacey, Day 13

Lacey. Ah, Lacey. A sweet, gorgeous, loving, playful dog who loves giving and receiving lots of cuddles and attention… and who has a serious barking issue…

Glimmer, Lacey, and Other News

Last night, Focused Fido had a group training photo shoot.  I was honored to take part in the event with my girl, Glimmer. Considering she has never worked in a group setting,

Lacey: Day 9

Today marks Lacey’s 9th day with us. Tanya had her baby, but he is several weeks early and needs special care until

Lacey’s Road Trip, Day 3

All the work Lacey did over the previous two days led to the third day. The day of the memorial. I didn’t know if she would be able to handle it…

Lacey’s Road Trip, Day 2

 Yesterday was a very busy day for Lacey.  She explored more of the hotel grounds, met more new people, made friends with a young puppy,

Lacey’s Road Trip, Day 1

Yesterday morning, at 5:30am, Lacey and I hit the road for what would turn out to be the longest drive of my life, and her first long-distance travel experience….

Lacey Goes to Work

Good Wednesday.  Lacey “Little” is with me on a week-long board-and-train adventure that’s going to be putting into practice every skill she’s been taught. Starting tomorrow morning, she will be

Lacey’s Last Day

Lacey went home last night shortly after supper. She was rested, relaxed, and happy. She slept great, she did a great job at meal times eating with our animals, she played a lot, and she didn’t get into any trouble. We did have a…