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Gizmo, Lesson 3

   Last night’s session with Gizmo was awesome. The next-door neighbor came to sit out on her balcony and watch us. Her three very large dogs came with her.  The neighbor beside her was out in his front yard, alternately barbecuing and visiting with… Continue Reading “Gizmo, Lesson 3”

Gizmo, Lesson 2

  The weather was warm and sunny yesterday – perfect for working Gizmo outdoors. We began with a few on-property warm-up exercises with him, and then, we took him off-property for a walk so that I can learn his reactivity triggers and start helping… Continue Reading “Gizmo, Lesson 2”

Introducing… Gizmo

    Meet Gizmo, a 15-month-old pit-bull/pug cross.  Gizmo is a rescue with a variety of problems that range from a lack of basic manners, to food obsession and food aggression. He also has a severe-bite history: If you look closely at the picture, you… Continue Reading “Introducing… Gizmo”