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Gizmo: A Setback

Gizmo’s lesson last night did not go very well. The initial plan – door conditioning and basics – went out the window when the downstairs neighbor, who was visiting the upstairs tenant, came out the upstairs door.  Gizmo knows her and likes her, so… Continue Reading “Gizmo: A Setback”

Gizmo: Order Completed

Tonight was Gizmo’s fourth court-mandated, 1-hour training session. He’s made tremendous progress in these past four sessions, and so has his owner.  Gizmo is looking more frequently to Chelsea for direction, and Chelsea is learning to take control of her anxiety and tension and… Continue Reading “Gizmo: Order Completed”

Gizmo After Three

Gizmo has had three sessions with me so far.  The progress he’s making is fantastic.  Just watch this video to see the difference and judge for yourself how well he’s doing. Have a great day and a great weekend ahead, and remember to stay… Continue Reading “Gizmo After Three”