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   Meet Oliver.  Oliver is a Basset/Australian Shepherd/Dachsund mix.  His dam is full Basset; his sire is the Shepherd/Dachsund mix. As of this posting (Feb. 9, 2016), he is 15 weeks old. Oliver was purchased for the purpose of raising and training him to… Continue Reading “Oliver”

Work it Out

Is Fido bored?  Does he pull a lot and sniff at everything and want to chase everything when you’re out on a walk?  Try making him work! When you give your dog a job to do – such as carrying a back pack filled… Continue Reading “Work it Out”

Watch It

It’s important to me to be able to share my training methods with people. When we got our dog, Glimmer, we made a promise to the adopters that we would keep them updated about her life to the best of our abilities.  One of… Continue Reading “Watch It”