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Ben Takes A Road Trip

  Ben has been with us for 21 weeks as of last Wednesday. Yesterday, I took him on his first road trip. We went to Kananaskis country. He doesn’t like being in the back, or being harnessed – he has to be able to… Continue Reading “Ben Takes A Road Trip”

Ben: Week 20

Wow. Ben has been with us for 20 weeks today. That’s five months of learning everything from basic commands like “sit” and “down”, to learning how to override and take control of an extremely high prey drive when faced with a cat or other… Continue Reading “Ben: Week 20”

Making Connections

Yesterday, Ben spent some time with the couple who may be adopting him. The weather was chilly and wet, so we worked inside and practiced recall, “sit”, and “wait”.  Ben did a fantastic job, and so did Stacy and Joel. Because he’s still getting… Continue Reading “Making Connections”