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Six Months

Ben has been with us for six months – and what an amazing journey it’s been with him. He came into our lives a terrified, mistrustful, highly aggressive, red-zone dog. Today – six months later – though he still has some issues with being… Continue Reading “Six Months”

Ben: Week 24

  Today marks Ben’s 24th week with us. He’s still learning to trust, and he’s still showing insecurity and uncertainty in certain areas, but generally speaking, he is no longer the dangerous, red-zone dog that came to us nearly 6 months ago. Ben has… Continue Reading “Ben: Week 24”

Relax and Let Go

As of last Wednesday – April 19 – Ben has been with us for 22 weeks. In the time he’s been with us, he has changed dramatically from a red-zone, highly reactive dog to a happier, more relaxed, even somewhat obedient dog. He has… Continue Reading “Relax and Let Go”