What is Board and Train?

My Board-and-Train program is like summer school, but for dogs struggling with issues such as reactivity, anxiety, or fearfulness, as well as dogs with behavior issues ranging from housebreaking to leash pulling. It is also designed for owners who want to get help for their dogs, but group classes don’t work, or they need more than a weekly lesson.

In order to best and most effectively help a dog, I accept only one into my program at a time. For troubled dogs who are struggling with issues such as fear or reactivity, one-on-one attention is especially important to helping them learn how to become calmer and more relaxed around their triggers. My dog plays a crucial role in this, as she is very calm and very patient; my cat teaches dogs how to be around her [and thus, all cats] by scolding and correcting only when necessary, and offering affection and play when they are respectful and gentle.

While your dog is in the program, progress reports are posted regularly on the website. Photos and videos are also included as often as possible so that you can see your dog’s transformation. On occasion, I will live-stream a training session on my Facebook page and invite you to watch it so that you can see in real time what your dog is learning and how he or she is progressing.

When your dog is ready to be returned home, I will spend time with you to teach you what I’ve been doing so that you can continue to help your dog make progress. You also receive two free follow-up lessons as well as phone and email support [conditions apply].