Abby: End Week One

Abby went home for the weekend – and the results were incredible. Just look at this amazing victory she and Cindy achieved together:

Cindy spent the weekend working Abby on everything I did with her during this first week with me. She and Abby are making a great start to becoming a real team; Abby is engaging and checking in with Cindy, she’s learning control when coming out of the kennel, she’s following more and pulling and weaving much less, she’s doing excellent with waiting for permission for everything from meals to play time… It’s been incredible.

After a great deal of discussion, Cindy and I came to the decision to continue working with Abby from her home. The reason we decided this is, when I brought Abby home and she saw Cindy, she reacted by barking, lunging, and growling. She didn’t recognize Cindy, because she didn’t use her nose. I had to work with Abby from a distance to help her remember to use it. When she quieted enough to do that, she caught and recognized Cindy’s scent, and she immediately switched from being reactive to being happy and excited.

Abby’s initial reaction was very upsetting to Cindy. She understood why it happened, but it was still very hurtful to her. I understood completely; I would feel the same way if I was in her position. So, it was decided that Abby would remain at home, and I will come to them to work with them. We begin this modified program today, and for the next five weeks, we will will be working together up to four days per week. This includes field trips to new environments and continuing to work her around her triggers. All the while, we’ll be helping Abby gain confidence and learn to trust Cindy. It’s a win-win situation for both Abby and Cindy.

Stay tuned: Abby is home, but the updates will be continuing. In the meantime, remember to stay calm and lead on. 🙂


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