Lola After Six

When she first began Beginners Obedience at the beginning of April, Lola was, quite literally, a “wild child” pup. She had no manners, she constantly nipped at her owner, chewed furniture, she had major leash frustration that resulted in her chewing through two leashes, she barked and lunged at strangers and other dogs, she was completely disengaged from her owner… She was a right royal mess.

After six lessons, Lola is finally becoming a much better-behaved girl. She is engaging with her owner, she is calmer around strangers and other dogs, and though she’s still sometimes chewing inappropriately, the frequency of it is finally decreasing.

At the first lesson, I encouraged Tracey to put Lola into doggy daycare at least twice a week. She took my advice, and it has made a huge and very positive difference in Lola’s life. Not only is she learning how to interact appropriately with other dogs, she’s also been learning how to interact more appropriately with humans. And, she’s been connecting much better with Tracey in the process. At our last lesson, Lola was excited to see me, but, for the first time, she was able to control herself and keep her feet on the ground. It was wonderful.

Tracey and Lola have made great strides together so far. They are both learning to be patient with each other, Tracey is learning how to relax, have fun, and just be in the moment, Lola is starting to trust Tracey and pay better attention to her… So much progress has been achieved by these two.

Tracey and Lola are proof that positive change really can happen in even the wildest, most precocious dogs. They still have a long way to go with each other, but as long as Tracey remains consistent with Lola, their bond will only deepen and grow stronger. Lola will become an awesome companion for Tracey, and they will have a long and happy life together.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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