Introducing: Jerry

Say hello to Jerry. Jerry is about 10 weeks old, he’s a purebred black sable, long-coated Shepherd from Northernbear Registered Kennels, and he’s quite the character. He’s bossy, independent, smart, playful, and his eyes and face are amazingly expressive. He chomps on toes and feet, he bites at ankles and hands, and he hates to be picked up or restrained in any way. But, he’s also quite affectionate and cuddly, and he’ll curl right into the arms of his person… when he wants that.

Jerry is starting Beginners Obedience. Over the next eight weeks, I have the great good fortune of helping his people turn him into a polite, reasonably well-behaved boy. His people are first-time owners, and – bless their hearts – they’re so worried about doing everything right that they’re over-thinking and second-guessing everything. I think the most challenging part of these next couple of months is going to be teaching them to relax and enjoy their puppy. 😀

Before the first lesson could begin, Jerry had to learn something very important: When he bites, all his fun goes away and he becomes completely invisible for a minute or two. Yelping and walking away made him bite more – and with greater force. Removing him and ignoring him completely for a couple of minutes gave the desired effect; he was able to figure out fairly quickly that biting means separation from the group and no attention at all. Once he figured that out, we were able to start the name and look game.

I’m looking forward to watching Jerry become the best dog he can be, and a dog his people can be proud of. I’m also looking forward to watching his people become strong, calm leaders Jerry can confidently trust and respect.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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