Introducing: Peach

  Say hello to Peach. She is a 7-months-old Leonburger, she’s friendly and outgoing… and she needs some fine-tuning with basic obedience and general manners both on and off the leash. She’s also going to be undergoing kennel training, as well as a few other things her owners would like to achieve with her. Peach had her meet-and-greet with Glimmer last Sunday [Feb. 14]. When we first arrived and Peach saw me get out of the car with Glimmer, she immediately started barking and pulling hard on her leash to get to us. She was so excited that she nearly pulled her human mom right off her feet. Glimmer backed away and ignored the behavior, and Peach stopped barking and pulling and waited quietly for direction from Glimmer. Luke and Marissa were quite surprised; they said she doesn’t usually get excited like that around other dogs because she’s been in doggy daycare for socialization. I said nothing, choosing, instead, to let Glimmer start teaching Peach the correct way to greet.

Because of the extreme cold, a walk with the two dogs was out of the question. Peach loves the snow, but even she was holding her back feet up after about 15 minutes.

Peach is a friendly, outgoing puppy. She’s very curious, and she was very quick to follow the cues Glimmer was giving her. She made real efforts to control her excitement, and she was very responsive to both body language and leash pressure. She was also quick to look to her people for direction when she wasn’t sure about what to do.

Stay tuned: The next three weeks are going to be fun, interesting, challenging, and highly productive. One of the challenges we’ll be working on is kennel training; Peach refuses to be kenneled; she kicks up quite a big stink when she’s faced with it. It’s going to be an interesting journey, teaching her to associate the kennel with calmness and relaxation.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on. 🙂


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