Searching for piper

    I am part of a group of people searching for this puppy. He went missing Aug. 1, 2020. I am posting this in the hope that readers who live in or near Drumheller and Nacmine, Alberta will see this and be able to aid us in our search. I have been in contact with a dog-recovery company, and while they are not accepting any new cases right now, they were kind enough to provide me with guidance and ideas about how we may be able to locate and recover the puppy. Details about the puppy are as follows:

Age: 6 months
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier/Corgi
Size: not much larger than a large house cat
Location: Nacmine, Alberta [near Drumheller]

To date, there have been no physical sightings of the puppy. However, fresh feces has been appearing on the lawns of nearby neighbors. Owners Diane and John have seen it and positively identified it as Piper’s. As of this posting, Piper has been missing for five days. It is our belief that he is either hiding in a shaded gully, or under someone’s decking or stairs. We know he has access to water, but we don’t know if he is finding food. Several neighbors have put food out for him, but checks on the bowls each morning have shown the food is untouched. Humane traps have also been set up, but so far, they remain empty and the food is untouched.

At this point, we [the owners and the search group], believe someone has taken Piper in and is choosing to keep him. We are asking that whoever has him please do the right thing and return him to Diane and John.

Posters containing Piper’s picture have been placed all around Nacmine, social media is being used daily, and the physical search for the missing puppy is ongoing. If you have any information about Piper, please call me directly at 587-582-2272.

Help us get Piper home. Please. His owners are distraught and sick with worry…


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