Introducing: ALPL Rescue, Bailey

Photo courtesy of ALPL foster Sherry W.

Meet Bailey, rescued by ALPL Rescue [Alberta Lost Pet Locators] a few months ago and currently in foster care in Calgary.
Age: 6-7 months   Breed: American Staffordshire/German Shepherd mix
Gender: male   Neutered: Yes

Bailey’s story is tragic. Until his rescue and subsequent arrival into foster care through ALPL, his life was very bad. He had very little interaction with humans or other animals, and what he did have was very traumatic. Because of his negative experiences, he has no confidence, he doesn’t trust most humans, he is fear-aggressive… The list goes on.

Sherry, the ALPL volunteer currently fostering Bailey, reached out to me for help. After hearing his story and the challenges he and ALPL are facing with him, I agreed to meet her and Bailey. That meeting showed me the full depths of Bailey’s trauma and how hard it’s going to be to help him recover and start turning his life around.

ALPL has given me permission to document and share what we know is going to be an extraordinary journey. If you’re interested in following it, subscribe to this blog and then drop by the Facebook page and hit the “like” button. Be sure to check the notifications box on the Facebook page so updates appear in your news feed.

Have a great day, and remember: Stay calm, and lead on.


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