Roko: Day 12

Roko is fine. He just needed to do his business. He had a great day overall; he did a good job practicing being polite with Glimmer and Violet, and he did a very good job at giving space around food and staying off counters during meal preparations. He also showed great restraint and patience at the appearance of very high-value food treats. He didn’t get pushy with Glimmer or Violet at all; instead, he calmly waited his turn. It was a very big breakthrough for him.

 The light of understanding is finally turning on for young Roko. He’s started to become more aware of his choices are concerned, and he’s now trying to make the right choices. He still gets very excited and jumpy when he meets people, but the intensity and duration of that has decreased dramatically. He’s starting to think before he acts, and that is a huge step of progress for him.

Overall, Day 12 was a very good day for young Roko. He’s earning more and more off-leash time indoors, and he’s making great progress with his leash manners. He’s also making good progress with his “place”, “stay”, and “wait” lessons. He’s doing better with his door manners, as well; his tendency has been to bolt out the door, but he’s been doing really well with waiting for permission and exiting calmly.

Today is Day 13 of Roko’s training program. Tomorrow, his people will be coming to see him and start working with him. I’m confident they’re going to be very pleased with the changes he’s made in just two weeks.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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