Roko: Day 11

Day 11 was a good day overall. Lots of treadmill time – 10-12-minutes each time – worked hard practicing “place” and “stay” on place, worked on leash and door manners, worked on “wait”, sit-stay, down-stay, and short-leash recall. Roko ate all of his meals, and his water intake was good. He was also fairly well-behaved when I had to leave the house for an hour to teach a class.

Today is Day 12. Current time: 6am.
Roko was up twice during the night to potty. When my husband took him out, he informed me that Roko was trying to poop, but nothing came out. Roko has not eaten more than small mouthful of his breakfast, but he did take some water. This is a bit unusual, so, for the next couple of hours, I’ll be monitoring Roko’s eliminations. I’m sure he’s fine, but I want to be sure of that. I will be contacting his owners in a couple of hours to update them and discuss whether or not he needs to see the vet. Until then, Roko will be resting.


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